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hi all, i need the telephone number to CACH LLC THANKS ALL

credit one bank card a/c in collection with u make settlement offer
ur a/c # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
credit limit $300/00 amount over$472/00 why explanation requested
pd status requested erase any thing derogative once reach a settlement
will pay on line

Personal data removed for your protection. - Uncle Wulf

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Haneef -

Please understand, we are not CACH. We are not collectors, lenders, or card issuers of any kind.

We are a community of people who help each other with credit- and debt-related problems. If you'd like some assistance, kindly let us know what state you live in, and when the last time you made a charge or payment on the account was. That will let us check a few things, and help you plan the next step.

Please do not post anything of a sensitive nature. This especially includes, but is not limited to, credit card or collection agency account numbers. Likewise, any personal information should not be posted here. That includes addresses, phone numbers, and such. These pages are an Internet forum. They are completely open to the public. As such you should assume that assorted crooks and such occasionally read here.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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Originally Posted by kingpin100
hi all, i need the telephone number to CACH LLC THANKS ALL

I have this bill that needs to be paid at once. Do you have a tell # so i can speak with some one to settle this matter ?

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Cach llc phone no. 1-877-248-8343

collection agency ph. No. 1-866-304-0566

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Scott Lowery, P.C aka Cach LLC, from 303-218-7550

These guys are scumbags -- third party debt collectors posing as Lawyers. They will call everybody and anybody that you have associated with and claim to be filing a law suit to collect a debt.

There strategy... they want to help in your financial counseling. They will ask the details of how you are paying your current debts - typically car, utilities, phone, etc. then they will want bank information and possibly credit card into. They have already pulled your credit report to gain an upper hand on you.

Here is what you do.

1. Tell them you would like to have your lawyer talk to their in-house council and can you get his/her direct contact information so you may pass it along to your lawyer (don't worry if you don't have one).

2. DO NOT DISCLOSE any information regarding bank accounts, usable credit cards -- NOTHING. You are not required to disclose any personal information such as how you are covering the rest of your liabilities to these Hyenas. The only info you should discuss is very specific to the specific debt they are collecting.

3. If they choose to file suit, make sure you a) don't get upset. B) contact a lawyer for help, C)put in a notice of appearance, D) above all DO NOT IGNORE the information as they maybe able to get a summary judgment against you. In most states the courts are jammed with these cases and it could take 18 to 24 months to get a judge to hear the case, but you must follow the above A,B, C's.

4. Assuming you do owe the debt, tell them the debt is in dispute as the credit card company overcharged fees and higher interest rates and that is why you are not paying. This creates a mess for the debt collector as they don't know who to believe. Furthermore, you will not pay them even if they cut the debt in half becuase the bank has killed your credit and before you pay any money back the bank must remove the entire account from your credit report (I've had 7 removed already). So, if they hit your credit bureau rating you can get it removed (which will take six months).

Stay cool with these Hyenas, don't get upset with these scavengers. The cooler you stay, only discussing information regarding this debt, the more pissed off they will get. Make sure you continue to ask them why are they getting so upset -- "I'm not mad at you why are you so mad at me" is the line I kept repeating.

I found this phone call more like a sporting event. Thoroughly enjoyable and i can't wait till they call again.

Lastly, if you do owe the debt and they continue to engage in this sport -- eventually you will be able to settle for 15% of the debt. They will be so tired of you, knowing there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO TO YOU. Regardless of what they say. Remember, they purchased the debt for about 10% to 15% of what you owe. If they collect more than 30% to 45% of the debt, they have to split it with the bank. Therefore, after a while and your debt having gone from Hyena to Hyena in their company, the proprietor of this Vulture Ville will just want to get their cost back.

Good luck, stay strong and remember -- Unsecured Debt is just that Unsecured!!! Touch S**t Credit Card companies -- let the consumers now have their revenge!!!

I hope this helps.

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Great info. Thanks!!!

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