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Hi I just received a credit alert that GEMB/CARE CREDIT has opened an account. The balance is zero (0) at this time. I don’t know who they are or where they came from. I have tried looking up a contact number for them but have had no luck. Can anyone please tell me how to contact these people so I can find out what is going on?
Thanks a bunch!

I found that GEMB/Care Credit has opened an account in my name as well. If you have any contact information regarding this creditor, please let me know. my email is cedster2001[at] Thanks!!!

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I had the same problem with my credit report.

I found a couple numbers


There's also a

I just called and canceled it, though I never remember opening it in the first place. Good luck to you guys!

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I found out that someone opened a credit account in my name. Experian reported this address for GEMB/CARE CREDIT: P.O. Box 981439, El Paso, TX 79998.
I want that account closed. What do I do?

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An account was opened under my name on 1/1/08. I did not open this account. Please close this account and please send me all the information that you can re the account. My personal information was stolen. Thank You.

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I'm sorry but we have nothing to do with that company. If you look at the post above yours, there is an address to contact them at.

If your ID was stolen, please report it to the police also. Good Luck..KAren

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my husband just received a letter in the mail from this company stating his inactive account with them was closed. We have no idea what this is. At the bottom of the letter was this address, slightly different from the one above: GE Money Bank PO Box 981440 El Paso TX 79998-1440. No phone number was given.

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Pull your credit reports and see if you can determine what the acct was from there.

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Ruined my credit rating-
This company AKA Medcash-now GEMB has an account for me I never opened. Their phone number is 866-893-7864

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This company is used to pay doctor bills, dental etc. their interest is very high and they don't work with people unless you can understand foreigners, as all their calls seem to be answered by people in India!!!
My account was current and they closed it without reason.

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This is ridiculous. They opened an account in my name also. This is a JCPenneys charge in case you don't know.
I spent hours trying to find a real person to talk to. No go. I finally got to someone who gave me an address to write to. As they informed me that no actual card/credit was actually issued, I put a lock on my credit info thru equifax and thought I was safe. They went thru Experian. I no longer have the address as I thot I was safe. I am calling all three credit bureaus and finding out how to make an official complaint. This can't be legal.

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