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how to stop idenity theft with no cost to me ,especially i've never put myself at risk .

Never share your confidential information with anyone. Always safeguard your social security number. This is one important info using which anyone can open suspicious accounts in your name and your steal your identity. It????????s safe not to carry your card with you or any other card that may have your number, like a health insurance card.

You should be more careful with your personal info. Never leave your ATM, credit card or gas station receipts behind.

Monitor your credit report regularly. You will immediately come to know if there is any suspicious activity in your file. In case you spot something, alert your credit card company or the creditor immediately. You may also want to subscribe for a credit protection service. This will alert you anytime if any changes occur in your credit report.

Go through your statements carefully. Make sure you recognize the creditor, location and purchases listed before paying the bill. If you don't need or use department-store or bank-issued credit cards, consider closing the accounts. You have to be cautious about your identify before someone tries to steal it.

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Identity thieves get hold of your personal information such as your name, date of birth, social security number, address, mother's maiden name and credit card numbers. These crooks can get your information by physically stealing your belongings whether it's your wallet, car, purse or papers that include personal information from your mailbox, trash or office. Identity thieves can even pretext as telemarketer and con you to share your personal information. There are many low and high tech ways used by the identity thieves to gain access to your personal data. Thats the reason its very important to monitor your credit report regularly so that you remain updated with your account transactions.

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hi landmi! this forum is thereto help you all. if you go through this site regularly than you will come to know of so many things, just like i did. if you can just go through an article in tis site which has all the information one needs about identity theft. i think it will answer a lot many of your questions. ft.html

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Hey laurel

I went through the article indeed a good one. Iam very careful with the trash stuff u know......I always shred the documents before throwing them to the trash. I recently read that dumpster diving is the most used tactic to steal personal info. By taking some small steps we can prevent ourselves from bigger risks.

Take care

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