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I am not James Lombardo. I came to this website last fall to try to find out who to sign up with debt relief after almost signing with several companies, only to find out how bad they were. At that time, there was a lot of good things said about James Lombardo with the negatives saying that you could never reach him by phone but he was good about getting back to you through the email. The thread I learned about him was one regarding retaining law firms for debt relief and as much as I thought that I had done my research, it wasn't until last Friday that I learned that Mr. Lombardo wasn't an attorney according to the California Bar Association. I always assumed that the power of attorney I had granted him over my special checking account was safe because he was an attorney. WAS I WRONG.
You see, this all started from this website and while I am sure it is getting old for some people on this site, I believe the site has some obligation in helping people getting things resolved in this matter with Debtxpert allias sifxpert, James Lombardo, especially since his forum has been taken off the internet by himself because he could see there was colaboration to get information against him for criminal prosecution.
I have removed the remaining funds in my special account so that they are no longer available and am recommending that all others do the same. There will be more than enough proof that he stole from his clients accounts and diverted the money into his own. That is why I have been trying to get a hold of him since the end of April because I wanted assurances that all of the checks written to him and deposited into his account were being paid to my creditors from his account. He never has replied and the accounts were never paid as far as I can tell. The same is true of many other people and just today I saw where he had actually changed the terms of an agreement from a $5000 to an $8000 payment to a creditor so he could keep the $3000. He is a thief and he will go to jail. In the mean time, I am hoping that this site will at least give us our day in court and allow us to collect information from clients so we can put him behind bars.
Our present email (pardon the similarities) is:
- removed per TOS - uncle Wulf -
Please contact us with your stories so we can start processing the information into a portfollio for the Orange County California prosecutor's office or the California Attorney General's Office. Since it is interstate commerce to some degree, we can possibly even get him prosecuted for Federal offences.
Write me if you have any questions and in the mean time, don't question, and just allow us to find all of his clients that he ripped off so we can share the justice when he is put behind bars.
There isn't any liable or slanderous statements being made here.... only the truth and since Mr. Lombardo hasn't bothered to share his thoughts these past 3 months, I would surmise that all of our statements have been quite accurate.
Thanks for letting us air this industries dirty laundry and once again I ask the moderators of this forum to give us a little lattitude. I know you are looking out for the best interest of your readers and your site but as the truth is unfolded, I am sure you will want the victims to be able to hear the truth also. I think that James's forum closing this morning pretty well speaks for our credibility. We predicted it yesterday and it closed today.

I pray that James Lombardo or sifxpert or whatever he is calling himself these days isn`t really scamming people but if what everyone is saying is true you guys need to file complaints with the BBB , , FTC , Your state attorney general and California state attorney general asap. I have those links as my signature so you can get to them quickly. Please keep us informed

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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This website has allowed feedback from both sides & I suspected problems from the start due to no way of communication.I have posted his contact info per California Secretary of State office in one of these dang threads. As far as one of you dang guest threatening our site with possible legal action based on posts here,Admin can give you our method of contact & I would love to go to court.Just remember I am a one mean ornery person when threatened and also remember you are not the first to make the threat & darn sure won't be the last!!!! :evil:

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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hold up cajun. There was no "threat", the only statement was that you are legally liable for postings on your site. So my advice/request was to get this sites' help get to the bottom of this so it can all be put to rest. You have access to IP Addresses to determine if guests are posting multiple anon messages from the same IP. If that is/was the case, the whole hubub here would have been exposed as nonsense. There was no threat. I am vested in this too. Just don't want to provide my cintact info.

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Since you are spouting legal garbage with no solid cause of action,I call it a darn threat. Why are you hiding behind a guest post making all these crazy claims anyway? I am in the open here and might believe you more if you were to register.Lastly if your claims were to have any truth at all,the only people here with ip access are system admins.

Sub: #4 posted on Sat, 07/12/2008 - 04:25

cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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all we can do now is move forward...some of us will choose to hang in with the "mysterious James" and others of us will get out while we can. My questions is this....does anyone know the legality of signing over "Power of Attorney" to someone. In this case, James. For those of you who are cutting all ties, are you closing your current bank account and opening a new one? If what we are reading is true....karma is a VERY BAD thing Mr. Lombardo....and what goes around comes around. :twisted:

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Hi All,

Our forum is an Open platform and according to its Terms&Conditions the author of the post is solely responsible for it and not Debtcc or the parent company InterNext Technologies INC.

Please go through the Term of usage and conditions of service of this Forum.

As rightly said by this forum every person has the liberty to air his/her view. We can't restrict anybody from airing his/her view, until and unless it violates our Forum Rules & Guidelines. Please go through the Terms of Service for clarity.



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Jason Jason

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Thought it was interesting that James has removed the link to this site from his home page during the past few days. He is obviously still in business and doesn't want anyone checking this website. For a long this site was full of praises for him. Incidently, many of those praises were him asking a happy client to please post for him. I wonder if those happy clients would be so happy if they knew he maniputlated their accounts to still make lots of money off of them.

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just curoius, if you are not THE sifxpert, than why use the name as sifxpert JUST CURIOUS is all

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Who said he was using the name sifxpert? I thought it said sixfpert.......Read it again....two different people, one a thief and the other a very burnt exclient.

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sorry typed in the wrong name, I understand now

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