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Please read the message "The Mess".
I'm his client and we all need to do something. I plan to file a police report.

My question to those who knows, what will the outcome be? Will the police be able to do something? Is there any possibility at all that we will get our money back? Can we put him in jail? If he can get away with this, why so easy? Something has to be done and there must be a way! Anybody has experienced with this kind of thing?

Its not going to happen over night. Make sure you also file complaints with the California State Attorney General , your State Attorney General , the FTC , FBI , , and BBB. I know its hard but you will have to be patient. If he did break the law " which it sure sounds like he did " it will take time to these places to build a case and come after him.

my signature below has links to all of these places to file complaints.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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I have sent my complaint to:
1) ic3
2) ftc
3) CA State Attorney General

My next move is to the police. Others, what have you done to get your money back? Am I the only one with over $13,000 taken from James??

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We are a client but he did settle some of our debt and actually made the payments. I think, subtracting what he paid out and the fees we really should owe him for settling two accounts, we are out about $7500

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It looks like he stole money from some people to me. Assuming this is true I would guess it would take at least 6 months to gather the evidence and try him for conviction. During that period they will freeze his assets probably which would be used to repay a portion to people he stole from. Part of his punishment would be restitution in the amount that he stole which he would be required to pay back over a long period of time. If he gets jail time then that will just make it take that much longer to have any chance of getting money since you make like a dollar a day in prison. Basically I would not count on getting the money he stole back any time soon unless you get lucky in that he has a bunch of liquid assets.

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To all of the James Lombardo victims that are still in denial. I suggest you go to the forum over on his website, you will see this, "This Account Has Been Suspended
Please Contact Billing ASAP!"

I suggest you do as others have done and file a complaint with the police, the Cali Attorney Gen, the BBB, and all the others.

BTW, I am a James Lombardo victim of $7,109, which is nothing when you consider that I'm losing my family over this matter.

I suggest you hop on board and start writting your complaint letters, only then might we have a chance of ever seeing your money...STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!!!

Best of luck to everyone.

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Just to let all you vicitms know, I have been in touch with a Producer at 20/20 regarding James Lombardo. There appears to be some interest in this story~ and I will know more in another week or so. I have no idea as to how this would help (IF it would even help) in getting any of our monies back....but it would expose this scheming con man for the lowlife he is. It won't help the deep hole in the ground he has dug for all of us- but oh... how I thoroughly enjoy watching this man be taken down on National TV!! How did he EVER think he was going to get away with this??

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The last email I received was June 16th that said my accounts would be settled at the end of the month. All but two went to collections. I caught two just before they were to go and settled those myself. I didn't put any money in a trust so I'm out my $500 retainer fee.

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All of the accounts that he worked on for me were settled directly to the companies. Recently he tried to debit my account for a settlement which was not how we had been doing business. I had a seperate account that i controlled so no one could play games. I called him on it and he did respond to me (early June) with a story about his assistant making an error.
Anyways I have two accounts left...Now what do i do? Should i contact them? I am willing to supply all of my contact information with Sif if it is useful, i have every email...

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james lombardo
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jamlom561 (@)

james lombardo
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United States

jamlom561 (@)

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has anyone thought about trying to finish their plan with another company? There maybe a compnay sympathetic to what happened to you.

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