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Thank you in advance to all the kind people who frequent this board. You have provided so much good advice to others, I hope you can help me. Here is my question:

I am at 174 days with CAP One. I have been speaking with them on a biweekly basis now- and the best settlement deal they are offering me is the principal balance of what I owe them $7300 (from my total balance of $9100). With me being so close to charge off- do you think this is their best offer? Should I hold out for another week?

Will they be more willing to negotitate once it gets charged off? I have done so much damage to my credit at this point- is getting a charge off that much worse?

Thanks in advance...I hope someday to repay your kindness by sharing my own experiences with others on this board.

I've never had a Capital One card, so I can't answer your question. I have read other posts though that say they are very hard to work with. Hopefully, someone else will be along who has experience with them and can advise you further.

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