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MCYDSNB is showing up on my credit report. Thanks to reading everyones posts I now know it is Macy's. But I have never had a Department Store credit card. It says I opened the account in 1987 which is impossible because I was 13. It also says I have $66 balance and a $5 monthly payment. But no history of being late. Even though I have never paid anything. Does anyone know what I should do? Call the number and get it erased or just leave it and see if it continues to go down?

I would file an investigation report with all three credit bureaus and notify them that this is not your account. They will investigate it and let you know what they have found out. Do not let it go, take care of it right now.

It sounds like someone is using your id and you need to notify the credit bureaus of this as a fraud (id theft) has been committed.

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It's also possible that you have a similar name and live in the same city/state as the actual consumer and your file and theirs have merged. Do as Ladybug suggests, dispute with all 3 CRA's as "not mine". DOB and Date account opened should bear that out. If by some chance Macy's verifies, then request an investigation into the account with Macy's citing sec 623 of the FCRA.

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