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both are calling me on old pdls - one for Premier and one for 3 Midland - I have overpaid both of these companies and now I was sent to these collection agencies, I ask for debt validation, what type of informatin should I receive from them for debt validation, fidelis said they sent something - I don't have it but I have so much out there - I forget who sent what or who called for what.

Validation is very narrowly defined in the FDCPA:


Have they sent you anything in writing yet? If they call again, verify your address and inform them they have 5 days to send you written communication of their collection. End the call and do not answer again. When they send you a dunning letter, respond immediately with a DV.

Were these Internet or Storefront loans? What state are you in? I'm not 100% up to date on the ins and outs of PDL's so someone I'm sure will be along shortly to help you further.

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I'm in pa and these were internet pdl's
and that's what I wanted to know - do they show the original
pdl co. name and can I ask to have it show the original loan amount and payments collected on them

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