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does anyone have any experience ith always payday in ohio? I defaulted on a storefront loan ith them in may, I owed them a total of $599, i have already paid $100, they keep calling saying that i was supposed to pay !150 towards the balance. I am supposed to pay them $150 again this eekend which i said that i would, to get them off of my back, but i don't think i can give them that much right now. i need advice. how lonfg does it take before they try to take you court? Right no ehn they call me they call themselves the "pre-legal and collections dept for always payday". Has anyone here ever been takin to court by these people, and if so what happened?

I'm not sure about always payday, however I'm too from Ohio and the 2 PDLS I've dealt with are CheckSmart and National Check Cashers, these 2 lenders can turn you over for court after the account goes 90 days in default.

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lmale lmale

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Hi there,
I moved this to the Payday loan forum because I think it's a better match for the topic. Since this company is a storefront, chances are they are following your state's laws--so this means that you have a better chance of being taken to court by them.
You say you defaulted on the loan in May, which is approx. 90 days ago and have set up a payment plan, from the sounds of things, which is a good step.
And if you can't come up with the cash right now, it's always best to be honest with them, call them and tell them when you can. Otherwise, they are going to see this as a broken promise, which isn't going to bode well for you.
The one thing that you don't want is to be taken to court, so if you're on a plan now, you need to work with them to ensure that they are paid off. Good luck, and let us know what happens.

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kscornell kscornell
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I'm not saying that Always Payday will not take you to court, but I had a defaulted loan with them for about six months before I filed bankruptcy. By the way, Always Payday and National Check Cashers are ran by the same company.

I had set up payment arrangements with them and I made two of the payments, and then I just couldn't make anymore. I owed them a little over $600. After I made the two payments, their collection dept called me for a couple a weeks and then I didn't hear anymore from them. I eventually filed bankruptcy and included them.

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