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Does anyone know that if you put money on a prepaid visa using direct deposit can a creditor debit that card like they can a regular checking account. Netspend will let you do a direct deposit of your paycheck but i am afraid to do this because I have had 2 different accounts zapped by Geneva Roth so i stopped my direct deposit and dont have a checking account anymore. Please Advise? Thank you.

Yes, this is entirely possible.

I use a GreenDot Mastercard, but they also have Visa versions of this card. They are widely available at Wal Mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Dollar General, etc. The initial investment is about $10 for the card, and then when you load money on the card at the store, it's $4.95 each time.

You can set these cards up for direct deposit of your payroll check just like a bank account, and any creditor can debit the account for a payment - but only if you give them authorization.

I have used a prepaid card for the past 2-1/2 years instead of a checking account, after payday loans and a bounced check that someone gave me to deposit ruined my account and forced me to close it to regain control of my money. I haven't opened another checking account at all. I only have one bill that I need to use a check to pay, and I get a money order once a month to pay that. The rest of my bills are deducted off my card.

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Tina - as long as you don't give them the account number, you should be fine.

Did you ever apply for any PDL's on-line after you borrowed from Geneva Roth? That's proabably how they got your checking account number.

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I works. I have paid with a Visa pre-paid card with two CA. CMI and KCA. About to do the same thing with Midland.

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