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I asked my bank to initiate a hard debit block..They would not do it. I already had a nsf of 200.00 due to refused ACH wihdrawals. I told them to stop it NOW! and I would pay the 200.00 NSF..They said they could not do anything.I said close the account and they would not do it..I said the 200.00 NSF would be paid as sson as my check arrived. They still did not do anything ..I cired and said these PDL people will extract anything and everything. They let all the ACH's go through which amounted to over 600.00 then they decided to close the account..I could no tbelieve this.They said after all I suthorized these transactions. I said I told them to stop and they just let it continue..What can I do? now they repported me tothe Credit bureau when I tried to stop it before all this.?

Did you speak directly to the Branch Manager? Usually the tellers don't even know what a hard debit block is, either that or they just aren't authorized to do it. Also, did you revoke ACH authorizations with the lenders before you asked for a block to be placed on your account? What state are you in?

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ARIZONA......Yes, I spoke to the bank manager's ( tried 2 branches) They were snotty and told me they couldn't do anything. I said you couldn't close my account at 200.00, but waited until over 600.00 in NSF'S? I called all the pdl's asking them not to deposit the checks or electronic ACH's. No dice {this is before your site educated me}..I argued and showed them all the communications,and trips to the bank trying to stop this...They didn't do a thing..Just let the PDL ACH's continue even after showing the ACH revocation letters..I can't believe this. My credit was already bad from job loss, now this is on my report also.I am ruined...Phoenix is the most criminal city I have ever had the misfortune to have to live in..Everywhere you turn..there is some kind of scam and unscrupulous business practice....People beware..don't move here...

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