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Currently have a garnishment on my check and I'm looking to purchase a home but need to pay it off. The debt is for old medical bills and is currently managed by a law office. What is the best way to get a decent settlement

If you know every details of the debt, plan a realistic debt repayment plan and know the tricks to negotiate a great deal with the hospital, you can settle your old medical bills the way you want.

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Phil Bradford Phil Bradford

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You didn't mention the debt amount and your current income. See, enrolling in a debt settlement programs requires a fair amount of fees. So, make sure that you can afford the cost. Don't fool yourself by escalating further debts while enrolling in a costly settlement program. If your monthly income is good, then create a budget keeping your debt payments in mind. Cut down unnecessary expenses and save as much as possible so that yo can pay off your medical debt by yourself.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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In debt settlement, usually, you have to make one lump sum payment. So, save that amount and you can negotiate on your own with the hospital by explaining your financial situation. It is best to settle the debt first.

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