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What will the collection agency do after the debt is forgiven?

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I'm hoping that my credit card will be charged-off and forgiven. What will happen to the collection agency in Winfield after the debt is assigned to them? Will they still contact me if the debt is within the SOL period? Will I have to pay tax on the debt?

Charge off does NOT mean that the debt will be forgiven. The credit card company will more than likely pursue thru collections and you could possibly be sued. Charge off simply means that the original creditor moves it from their good books to their bad is an accounting term. Where the heck is Winfield??

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You'll have to pay tax on the debt if the forgiven amount is more than $600. If the debt is assigned to the collection agency in Winfield, then you'd have to deal with them. if you're successful in settling debts with the CA, then you've to pay tax to the IRS if the forgiven amount exceeds $600.

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