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This is embarrassing, but I recently paid BBM over $600.00 to settle a debt with 1st Savings. I argued that I had paid it before, but never received a paid in full letter. So, finally, I relented and paid it. I then checked my Franklin Planner and found notes from 5 years back where I did, in fact, pay for it. I even sent an email to a consumer law firm (never heard back) about this. I am wondering what to do know. I was thinking of sending a letter requesting the paid in full from the original firm and then demand payment back, or should I find another lawyer?

Why did you pay the money? Look where you're now.

Obviously, you should find another lawyer because it won't be that easy to get a refund.

Sub: #1 posted on Fri, 04/13/2018 - 01:12

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Consult with an attorney for advice.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Listen mate, to be frank the chances are thin of getting a refund.
I am sensing, that if you involve a law firm then the fees might hook you up bad, and not to forget the cost of procedures.
Think carefully, and take a step.

In the meantime, call BBM over and over again till you get a positive response, or an initiative of a refund!

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Phil Bradford Phil Bradford

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Dude, let's me get this straight for don't have any other option rather than consulting few more attorneys.

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