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I want to continue to work on my finances and am curious about which of these debts that I have should I consolidate?

Car loan, student loan, past due balances on billed accounts, money owed to family and friends, collection accounts, accounts with balances that are not regularly billed but need paid ASAP.

Of these that are not recommended for consolidation, what should I do about those?

Genuinely curious, and tired of stressing about this

You can talk to a consolidation company to consolidate your unsecured debts. However, federal student loans can't be consolidated by a normal consolidation program. You have to use Govt. offered consolidation loan for the purpose.

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Mabelle Page Mabelle Page

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Consolidate the car loan and student loan, as they are the toughest ones in your lot!!!
Settle your other debts...... just as simple as that....... Take help of a settlement company Will!..
As with family and friends you need to talk to them about your efforts and hardship..... I'm sure they will understand!!!!
And if they don’t, then you can easily question their love and loyalty for you!

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Phil Bradford Phil Bradford

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As a debt negotiator I always recommend to clients they should always pay there mortgage and car payment and tackle one debt at a time. I use the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the grease approach. If you have collection account(s) that are with a law firm you settle those first. You should be able to settle all accounts under 40 percent depending on the creditor and in some cases in multiple payments.

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Chimpy Chimpy

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If you can afford to manage one debt payments right now, you can take out a consolidation loan to pay off your multiple debts. If the student loan is private, pay them off by the consolidation loan. If you have federal student loan debt, you have to find out the debt repayment option that suits you. See, professional debt relief can be a good option depending on your income status. Why don't you consider a debt or credit counseling to get the best suggestion?

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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I would only say one thing. Refinance the car loan to lower your interest rate. The rule of thumb is to take out a loan that would help to cut down your interest by at least 2%.

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