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Can I pressurize CA to accept my settlement offer?

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I have quite a bit of debt. Recently I have come to know that a collection agency will collect the debt. I can't pay the full amount. Is it ok not to entertain them so that they agree to settlement?

If the debt is valid, then you have to negotiate with them for a settlement.

If you ignore the collection agency and the debt, then they can file a lawsuit against you.

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Don't ignore, talk to them regarding your financial hardship so that they can agree to the settlement.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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When they contact you, ask them to verify the debt first. If you can't repay the full amount, negotiate to settle.

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Contact them and tell them about your drastic situation. You can also consult an attorney and proceed as suggested.

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Most creditors/collection firms have settlement parameters in place for certain aged debt. I have been in the credit industry for years and most debt is negotiable. Creditors will even go lower depending on your hardship and how you present it. In most cases it is a walk in the park, however the junk debt buyers such as Midland and others have been raising the bar so try and to resolve it before the original creditor sells the debt. I am a debt consultant for a very reputable firm that I can not and will name but if you have the ability to settle it can be done.

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