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Best debt settlement companies in california

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I live in California. I used to manage my finances properly, but have started facing problems for last 1-2 years. As a result, owe on my cc bills. I want to know about best debt settlement companies in california, so that I'm not scammed. Please help me with that.

To choose a reputed debt settlement company, check out online reviews and make sure it's BBB accredited. It's better if you ask for recommendations from your friends and family members.
You can get more information from here: ml

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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BBB accreditation means nothing more than the company paid for membership, so really whether they are accredited is totally irrelevant. Do not call the number on this site....that is a FOR PROFIT company who really only cares about their profit margins, not your credit. (plus this site gets a commision) Use google and find a NON PROFIT branch of Consumer Credit counselling Service.

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Have any of you looked at ways of reducing your debt.

My name is Michael Boyd. I am a married with three children one of which has a muscle disease. I had 60,000 plus in unsecured debt. Like you, I was very skeptical and scared on who to choose to help me or what to do. Having a lot of debt is stressful to your your mental well being and your marriage. Whether to file bankruptcy or choose a debt negotiation company. I bet you are getting several loan consolidation offers in the mail only to be turned down.

Well if you choose Bankruptcy, it will appear on your credit record for several years. You will have possibly the embarrassment of it posted in your local paper as a public record. You will need to find a lawyer and have to spend pay her/him possibly thousands of dollars.

I chose an excellent debt negotiation company called Freedom Debt Relief. The company has lawyers to represent you in case of a lawsuit that rarely happens anyway. The more likely case is they also represent you when creditors are unwilling to cooperate with you. Like bankruptcy, your credit rating will go down. Though your debt will be paid in a few years vs a lifetime just making minimum payments if you choose to do nothing. Your credit will repair itself. You have to make some sacrifices for financial well being. Your main goal is not to use credit cards anymore. Right?

Freedom Debt Relief has already negotiated with several creditors and reduced over 50 percent of what I owed originally. They are quick to respond. They are quick to answer.

They will negotiate a payment plan that suits your income and needs. The payments are much lower than what you were making with minimum payments to your credit card companies.

Most of all, they are quick to work for YOU and negotiate your debt
My main contact is Chris Keyes that works with Freedom Financial Debt Relief program.

Do it now. Call Chris Keyes.
Tell him client Michael Boyd referred you.

Chris Keyes | Director of Underwriting | GreenLink Financial |
16808 Armstrong Ave. Suite 220 | Irvine, California 92606 | 
Office (949) 396-0911 | Fax (888) 850-7447 |

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Michael Boyd Michael Boyd

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Get reviews from one of your relatives, friends or colleagues who've work with a similar debt settlement companies in your area.

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