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What are my mother's rights for a credit card debt?

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A collection agency is suing my mother for her ex-husband's credit card debt. The credit card was taken out around 3 years ago. My mother used to live in Rio Linda city back then. Now, she lives in Florida. What are my mother’s rights?

I'm assuming it's a joint account? Do you know when the last payment was made? How much is the balance? Was your mom actually served?

I need this information so I may properly answer your question.

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Jared Strauss Jared Strauss

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Is your mother joint on the account ?? (Joint means she was on the application when it was opened and it was based on her credit) Or was she just authorized? (Authorized means she just had card...her credit was not part of the decision to open the account) Is the collection agency suing her or just threatening to sue her?

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