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I have read a lot of bad talk about the Campos Law Firm. I work on the inside and I am privy to the actual process and results. Considering there are people speaking bad about this group I only felt it fair to show some results: Here are the TOP 5 settlement success stories for the week ending 7/20/07

Atlantic Credit - Original Creditor - Household - Balance: $1,032.01
Settlement Amount: $412.80 - 40.00% of balance.
Next card - Original Creditor - Next card - Balance: $2,762.36
Settlement Amount: $1,007.50 - 36.47% of balance.
Global Advantage - Original Creditor - Amex - Balance: $12,446.27
Settlement Amount: $4,000 - 32.14% of balance.
Nationwide - Original Creditor - Amex - Balance: $18,701.26
Settlement Amount: $5,600 - 29.94% of balance.
The Ultimate SETTLEMENT...
1st American Investment - Original Creditor - Metris Bank - Balance: $16,106.04
Settlement Amount: $4,780 - 29.68% of balance
Average % of ALL settlements for the week: 44.28%

TOP Settlements that have Judgments Awarded Against them:

Zwicker and Associate - Original Creditor - Discover - Balance: $7,662 - Judgment Awarded
Settlement Amount: $4,846.26 - 63.25% of Awarded Judgment

Zwicker and Associate - Original Creditor - Discover - Balance: $13,853.50 - Judgment Awarded
Settlement Amount: $8,062 - 58.19% of Awarded Judgment

Average % of ALL settlements with Judgments for the week:

I hope that you are able to ease up the mind of your customers by showing these records. Please do show them the hard copies of the settlements done so that they feel convinced and share their success story with us. Your business will earn some good name.

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Bridget Bridget

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I actually am using Campos Law Firm, through their very slick eDebt marketing site. I've looked at all options, and this seemed best for us. I hope I'm right. The non-profit seems to show no or slow results, and doing it myself took a lot of time - pluse I'm reading up on new laws, looking at buying a pacel of books - hey, I'm a do-it-yourselfer from way back - but I'm using Campos and I'll post how I turn out (as a human Guinea Pig)

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I don't care what info you have to provide about Campos Law firm. They are the biggest ripe-offs we have been foolish to enroll with besides Mezey and Associates. The proof is in pudding and I have it.

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wt.ruff wt.ruff

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A whole lotta advertisement going on here for Campos Law firm, the fact that you work there and posting these number on here its a shame.

Anyone can do that, and I????m fast finding out this forum is a big smoke screen, with so many advertising their own products!

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Unregistered attention to dates. The thread you and the previous poster are replying too was last posted to over a year ago.

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