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I currently have an outstanding balance with Citi Cards of $5482.40. The account has been closed for a while now as I of course did not keep up with timely payments, and I am glad it is closed. It has probably been out 9 months now, where I actually worked out a lower minimum payment plan. That has been going well, as in all the payments have been made, but it is still killing me. I recently did my first settlement with HSBC. I was told by other posters that I should have waited longer, as about 930.00 of my debt was forgiven, but I was told I could have probably gotten a much better offer. I was only past due a little over 90 days when that offer came though, and I just didn't want to be sued or anything, so I accepted because it was a doable deal to me. I was wondering if I would be able to settle with Citi. I am just a little confused since the account is closed by I have my "workout payment" with them, and I was just wondering if this would be considered current and Citi would not bother any settlement negotiations with me. I guess if so, I can just call them and cancel the auto drafts coming from my bank account, and keep on waiting. I have read a lot of things about Citi and settlements, from pretty good settlements, to Citi not doing much of anything. I certainly want to get rid of this debt, and I was hoping that I would eventually hope to settle for 50% or less and be able to pay that over some monthly period. I have read some things that stated Citi has settled for like 25% and allowed that to be paid over twelve months. That would be awesome if I could get that. Is there a way to achieve such goals, or is Citi less forgiving then ever?

Citi is less likely to be interested in settling a closed account.

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No, in this case it looks like Citi would be less forgiving.

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