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Process server leaveing me voicemails warring me i will be served with a summons?

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or the past two days i have recived a call yesterday from a private number on my house phone and thin today on my cell phone from a spoffed caller id number from a man by the name of richard porter and he calims he is with the leazons office of this law frim he says he is going to serve me with a summons yesterday he said he needed to verfity my adress and would come out later yester evenging today he said he was schuled to come out to my home later on this week to serve me with the summons he has for me he gave me a phone number and case number in the voice mail he said in the voice mail he is not even sure this is vaild and that i would need to contact the number he listed with the case number or actions would be takken on my social security number without my knowledge so i contacted the number and it is a compny by the name dls and associates 3842 harlam road suite 400 cheektowaga new york 14225 18772956612 they calim they are collecting for cash net usa they calim they have a complaint aginst me and if i don't pay them 595 dollars now ill have to dispute it in court where ill be charged for check fraud if i am served with my summons and if i chouse to dispute in court and they would see to it i would go to prison for fraud if i did not pay them now they say they don't have to send me a letter by mail to validifate the debt and are not required to so by law and my states statucte of limtactions does not apply to the check fraud complaint aginst me they claim they have from cash net usa but cash net usa says they have never herd of this laaw frim and or collection agency should i be worried they are going to serve me with a summons our is this bogus?

It’s a scam. You’re not usually notified ahead of time about service. He’s just trying to scare you into paying.

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is there any issue

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This is a false threat. A scare tactic. They can't arrest you for a debt. Okay. So ignore the call. Rather, you should threaten to report the matter to the State Attorney General.

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They are a scam. If they again call you, then make a complaint against them. Contact your State's general attorney to lodge a complaint.

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