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I took a loan with cash n go. But I got behind. They sold it to united debt , they sold it to American Recovery, then they sold it to global firm, telling me they are going to serve me papers. I Google the number 1-866-941-7594, nothing came up. I defaulted I October how fast they fid this, no letter, no email. What should I do?

Cash n go is a licensed lender. Contact with the collection agency to whom your account has been assigned and try to set up a payment arrangement with them. Otherwise they can file a lawsuit against you. Once the court issues an order against you, they can garnish your wages or place a lien on your property.

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I did try to do everything I could, I even call a corporate office, told me they have no idea where it is. I have now is global litigation firm they want is a pre paid visa to pay back, I did a half payment and no confirmation number, no via email that the money they received it for my records. They said I have to wait for 30 days to receive it. Is this company ligit? I tried to do some research online and nothing. Does anyone know this company?

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That sounds very fishy. Have you checked the balance on this card and does it show a debit and by whom? Call the financial institution that issued this card to you (should be on the back of the card) and ask them. I would also call Cash n go again, letting them know what happened. And wouldn't it stand to reason that the company would have to send Cash n go a payment on your behalf?

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you posted this in another forum.please refrain from posting the same topic in multiple cash n go has a habit of selling their debt to humanoid piles of bottomfeeding garbage who won't/can't do anything.i have said it before nobody calls ahead to inform you they are serving is a scare tactic.i would just for clarity call cash n go,but they will say they sold it.meaning anything you pay if you choose to pay will go directly to the bottomfeeder.i personally would never pay anyplace that resorts to scare tactics.i would report them.last thing to the first responder stop with the sterilized responses as again once the debt is sold to a bottomfeeder that needs to illegaly threaten that place can't/won't do what you said so you are only confusing the OP.

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