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If we pursue debt settlement with a company (lawyer based since we're in GA), what are the chances of being sued? What about a lien on the house? The way I figure it, we could settle all our debts in 20-24 months if we dig into some savings as well.

I know everyone's experiences are different, but if those who have been there, done that can share, I would appreciate it.

If you do a 20-24 month program your chances of getting sued are pretty slim.

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when does it become an issue (usually)? 36 months or more?

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Typically when you start going out longer than 36 months is when your risks increase.

Sub: #3 posted on Tue, 08/26/2008 - 20:48

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Hi - My husband was sued by Discover card after 10 months of not making a payment and I was sued by JCPenny only after 12 months. It makes me sick when someone pulls in my driveway. I keep thinking are they going to serve me with a summons? Not a great way to live.

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You were not in a settlement program obviously. If you just ignore them they will come after you. I was sued by HSBC after being only 120 days delinquint and trying to make arrangements.

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Kristin, which company did you decide to go with? lawyer based since you are in Georgia, same as me?

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Hi fellow Georgian-
Well, my husband doesn't want to pursue debt settlement right now. He would rather dip into our 401K to help us get back on track. I know that's not a popular idea with most people but it's what he would prefer doing. Our bills are not late (well, my two cards are about to be 30 days late) so he would rather not add more fuel to the credit rating fire. Me? Well, I just don't care anymore!!

But, if I were going to pursue it, I would have called back Care One. I spoke with them regarding a dmp but they wouldn't take my Amex. The settlement side of the company is Persels and Associates. There is also a law firm (not settlement company at all) that negotiates debt. It is based in FL but the attorney is licensed in GA as well. The lawyer is named Bonnie Canty. I never spoke with the agency but when I googled her/the agency, it all came up positive. I looked at Hoffman Brinker and Roberts too but never actually spoke with them.

That's the best info I can give you right now. I will likely keep researching just in case. If I find anything else, I will share it.

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I have heard good things about Law Office of Bonnie L. Canty, P.A.. They are a member of the BBB and have an A rating.

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