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I am currently dealing with Care One Credit for my debt consolidation. I have been with them since 2002. I just added two more cards to my monthly payment. I am wondering if I can change to a new company. THIS IS NO REFLECTION on Care One. They have been great. My problem is that every month for the entire year I am continually running overdraft on my checking account. I have tried getting a part time job with no luck thanks to the putrid job market here in Los Angeles. I basically need to get my payment down for my debt consolidation. A little further back story I moved debt consolidation companies back in 2002 when I found out that the original company (I can't remember their name) wasn't paying my bills at all even though they said they were.

What's the best company to go with??? This is my only option.


Care One Credit is one of the best ones out there. Honestly I would stick with what you got.

If you can no longer afford a debt management plan with care one credit then you may want to consider debt settlement.

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Thanks but the problem is I can no longer the amount that I am paying with them and they have told me that I can't change that amount. Worst part is I am about 19 months from my completion date. Went ahead and made a phone appt with ByDesignFinancial. I checked them out with the BBB and they have an AA rating. They also quoted me a smaller monthly fee. Currently I am paying on roughly $10,000 with Care One $560 a month. It's really killing me financially. The only thing I have to give up bill wise any more is food. I will see what By Design says . Basically I am just seeking a lower monthly payment.

They should really start teaching a credit card class in schools and colleges. That's when the damage was done. I have been paying off this debt for the last 9 years!!!!! And yes I know that this isn't the wisest idea but I can't find any other way out and I can't file bankruptcy.

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