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Christian debt consolidation - Are they a rip off?

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christian debt consolidation 2201 N.W. Corporate Blvd., STE 202 boca raton, florida. are they a rip off? ever heard of them.

If my debts have been turned over to collection agencies, can they still be consolidated?

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Not anymore, it don't.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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I have private student loans through sallie mae. Can Christian Debt Consolidation help me?

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Bay view law group has been good for me! I am laughing at some of the rip off claims too
Truth is I have no idea how someone claims they took cash so I would blow that off LOL
They told me it would be a while before I had money to settle accounts but are allowing me to make payments on the legal fees instead of having to pay them all up front so that's huge to me
The people are alwayae nice and even the downside of the program is explained to me so, in the highly unlikely event that I was actually discussing my sent with someone I wold rexomend bayview law group to them in a heart beat! :)

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I am planning to sponsor my husband from other country. I used to have good income but lately our company which is a non-profit organization is no longer able to give me the income I should have. So i don't have fixed income so i am not able to pay my bills on time, that makes me in bondage of debt because they are filing up. What do i need to do to be out of debt. to have debt consolidation or debt settlement. Will my sponsorship of my husband be not affected if i apply any of these methods? Do both method requires direct deduction frommy bank accounts in paying the minimum payment. please help me on this. i am a Christian worker.

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Well, you have given us very little information to comment on. Normally, both debt consolidation and settlement are options to reduce the debt burden. You may need to consult a professional to know the right path for you.

You may sign up for a free debt consultation with this site. Also, check the 'do it yourself' if you want to take care of your finances yourself.

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My younger brother, Ronnie, who lives in Foley, Alabama is getting deeper in debt with payday loans and wants relief. He filed for bankrupcy about 5 years ago and to the best of my knowledge, has no credit card debt but he does have a car loan from a local agency. He owns the small home that he and his wife live in (an inheritance) and both have jobs paying low salaries.
I'm 62, live in VA and can not help him financially. I refused to cosign a loan for him because of my understanding of Scripture. Do you have any advice for him? He doesn't own a computer but has access to one at the library.
Thanks for your help.

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He can avail any of the routes to reduce his debt- settlement, consolidation; even bankruptcy can be an option. But it's hard to be definite with an answer since we don't know how much he earns or how much he owes. You can ask him to sign up with Debtcc to get a free debt consultation.

Hope it helps.

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Wow, just be upfront. Christian in your name helps be that?!

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st8ca st8ca

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Ditto. I commented on that before also.

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st8ca st8ca

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