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Hi. So I just got a voicemail on my cell from a CMG group that said I had a debt with them. Called them back (ph# 1-781-210-4247). Spoke with a lady named Natalie McCoy who stated that there was some type of loan taken out at an old address of mine (which I told her I haven't lived there since 2010). I asked her for more details as to who the original was, the amount, etc. She told me she didn't have that information but if I want to dispute she will pass along my information to St. Louis County. She was talking about me being sued, my employer garnishing wages, etc. I asked her multiple times for more info and she stated she couldn't discuss that with me. Obviously if it's something I do owe then I will pay it. She stated that her company collects on insufficient checks, payday loans, and other types of loans. So I have no clue what it could be. I want to be pro active. I do not want them contacting my employer. What do I need to do next? She told me they have been sending me stuff in the mail to my 7+ year old address. Obviously since I haven't lived there in over 7 years any forwarding address would have expired. Any help please?

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Do one thing. Send a debt validation letter to the CA. The CA can't sue you just like that. Use the following letter:
https:/ / Just send it through certified mail.

Do you have the address of CMG group?

The SOL on the debt in Missouri is 10 years. If the debt is valid, the CA can still sue you. So it's best to not take the debt lightly.

Read this thread too.... ml

It is possible that they are just playing the scare tactics to make you pay money. Don't trust them blindly.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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If you are sure that the debt is not yours, then don't acknowledge it over the phone. Otherwise, the SOL clock will restart again.
Did you ask them to validate the debt? If no, then send a validation letter to them.
If you receive a further call from them, ask them to disclose their mailing address. Not disclosing the proper address is a suspicious thing.
Remember, if they sue you for a non-valid debt, then you can challenge the lawsuit. Once you win the case, you will be to get the attorney fees and other cost related to the case.
Don't afraid, they can't call your employer before validating the debt. If they do, you can make a complaint against them for violating the FDCPA law.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Under the FDCPA, debt collectors must send you a debt validation notice within 5 days of contacting you. Did you receive any? If yes, you have the rights to validate the debt within 30 days of receiving the letter. So, immediately send the debt validation letter to the CA. But don't accept the debt as yours verbally. If she calls you again, ask every detail about her company and original address and tell her to send the proof at your current address.

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