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CMS-Court Mediation Services (Integrity Debt Relief Grp)-Possible Scam

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I was looking at reviews of Debt elimination agencies and came across debt free destiny com which is apparently owned by Brad who is also the founder of Court Mediation Services (known as Integrity Debt Relief also)

He praises the company he founded obviously and looking at the thread at the bottom of the page, many people like us were questioning if this company is really legit and if it really does work.

Some people really went the distance looking into this so called legit company and uncovered really interesting information.

Please check it out if you're thinking about going through them and handing over money you probably can't afford to lose!

To me, it smells like a big scam!

I agree with you that it sounds like a big scam but i did alot of research into this and there is no one that actually put anything on any of the scam reports actually saying they gave him money and it didnt work. I have one friend who is in the program for 4 months and his friend is in the program for 8 months and the one who is in it for 8 claims that it is working. I am not in the program myself yet because I am nervous about it. I wish I new someone that actually either completed the program or got scamed that would help me make my decission.

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I just feel that with the way my financial situation is right now, I can't afford to lose any more money or be a victim of a scam.

It's better to be safe than sorry. Until there is actual proof from multiple people, I'd stay away. Too many unanswered questions in my opinion.

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Good Ideas fellas. And there will NEVER be proof it works. It doesn't and they tell you that when they sign you up. Just read the fine print. Check the BBB to see what they had to say about this operation.

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Hello Folks,

My company, which represents a network of 3 debt relief services including curadebt and careone credit has added CMS to its roster.

CMS is 100% legit and the process they use is just as effective as any settlement or consolidation plan.

With any service, the accounts are allowed to go into collections with the hope of a settlement which would then be paid. CMS process is very similar just using a method that 1. makes CMS an interested party on the accounts
2. Holds the creditor to honor terms set out by CMS.

My company has referred over 20 clients to CMS since April 08 and they are all happy with the service.

I speak to people with heavy credit card debt daily and many of them have hired a settlement comapny or some repayment plan/consolidation company and are now facing lawsuits despite the effort.

CMS plan is very aggressive towards creditors and forces some things to happen that other companies kind wait and see.

CMS is not the solution for every situation but bottom line it is a viable option.


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If what you are saying is true that it is not a scam why wouldnt the program be for everyone? to get rid of debt for $2500? who would this not be for?

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good point's because they can't scam that much for that little is a scam pure and simple.just like FDRS was.

Sub: #6 posted on Fri, 03/06/2009 - 10:36

paulmergel paulmergel
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CMS is not for everyone because every situation is different. Some strategies are better than others.

If someone has $15k or less of non-secured debt ($2500), I would suggest paying that off. It is always best to pay back your debt. A good consolidation plan may be more effective in this case or simply trying to work out a deal with the creditor.

If someone has higher amounts of debt that are in collections, then a settlement service would in most cases be the best option. Settle the accounts and have them marked settled in full. Avoid lawsuits.

If someone has higher amounts of debt and is considering bankruptcy, struggling to make payments but making some, then CMS may be a good option. CMS makes payments on your accounts and offsets them down with thehelp of new terms that are in their favor.

Finally, I am not here to promote any specific method of debt relief or argue with Paul who knows so much. I just know from speaking with my clients that many of them have tried other methods that didn't work out as planned and are now facing lawsuits which is a little late for us to get involved with.

I work with 3 companies (consolidation, settlement, CMS) I direct people to the proper place based on their situation. If you dont understand what CMS does or dont feel good about it dont do it. You have to feel good about your choice.

Paul I take your comments seriously. I promise you this will be my last comments here, but I suggest that unless you have real evidence showing that CMS is a scam and will take your money and run, which is not true, and you cant have such evidence, to stop. Just my suggestion.

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Hello! Does anyone know how to google out there? Please read!

http: //

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Frogpatch Frogpatch
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jersy boy,

you are working for eric pemper?

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beware of jersey boy,

another eric pemper scam.

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