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My husband is being threatened wage garnishment for medical bills totaling 606.00 from this past spring. will they really do this for such a small amount? i had sent them 25.00 right before i received this, probably crossed in the mail. thanks, TJ

They can do it, but in order to get a garnishment they need to get a court order. Have you been served a summons?
Try calling and making payment arangements to avoid this

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kashzan kashzan

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My husband has a huge medical bill and it's in collections. Can I ( his wife ) be garnish for this bills if he is not working?

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unpaid medical bills from 2006 totaling $331.00, can I be garnished?

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They can be garnished, but it has to be by court order. have you tried to work out payment arrangements with them?

If you qualify, most hospitals have a hardship-type of program that you can get on, as far as paying the bill. My brother had to do this after his wife had a stroke. He went to the hospital in person and talked with their patient advocate, or some person to that effetct.

I paid for years and years on hospitals and doctors when my son was small with his medical problems. They were usually the ones easiest to work with.
I had a call the other day about the balance on my older sons account. I told her he was on disability and couldn't afford but ten dollars a month. She said that they had to have twenty five, or they would start collections. Then in a really soft voice, she told me that if I sent that in, they usually would not do anything. So that's what I started doing..karen

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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What state do you live in? In the state of PA,wage garnishements are not allowed, exceept for government loans ( Child Support, defaulted school loans, etc.)

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sdchargers_63 sdchargers_63

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i'm being sued for 3,000 some dollars for a hospital bill, how much can i expect to be garnished from my check if they were to get the court order, my court date is 3/19/09 if i pay some of it now will that benefit me?

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my son is on short term disability through work (not work related) he has one garnishment being taken out of a paycheck of 344.00 by weekley now and another just issued he lives in va wherehey just drop the summons off. they are not physically delivered to you because he hasnt received one yet but they said it was left at his house. he has a 2year to support and can't make it. we can't come up the 1127.00 needed right now for bankruptcy is ther anything we can do right now to fix this

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so basically medical bills cannot be settled in less than the full amount unlike credit cards?

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weehide weehide

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can my wages be garnished at my work?

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If your wages are garnished at work, what percent do they they take out of your check?

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