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My husband is being threatened wage garnishment for medical bills totaling 606.00 from this past spring. will they really do this for such a small amount? i had sent them 25.00 right before i received this, probably crossed in the mail. thanks, TJ

i'm currently being garnished for medical debts after the collection agency got a judgment; what happens if i quit my job?

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They will wait till you are working again and then just garnish you again. The only way you can make the garnishment truly go away is to file for bankruptcy protection.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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I had my check garnished in Alabama for a 650.00 medical bill that my insurnace went into effect 2 days after I aquired the huh, the lawyer was a real pain. The garnished my checking account first because I had made a payment with my account, then I was able to get that stopped because they allowed you to pay your past due amount and the fee. Well, times got a little rough and not even a month later ( ihad the payment to make then too and tried to make it) and they garnished my wages at 25%. The when it was paid in full no on sent me a confirmation. The began the garnish the week of Christmas nice huh? I finally had to pitch a fit to get a paper from the lawyer AND the courthouse (I wanted to be double covered).

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My husband had a heart attack and the collection agency told us to pay a 100.00 a month. I told them okay. Then they called the next day and said we had to pay a 100.00 a month for three months then they was going to start garnishment. If we offered to pay 100.00 a month can they still do a garnishment?

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I have a hospital bill of $10,000 from 2003. The intrest alone is $5,000, so the total is $15,000. They send me notices that they are going to take me to court to file a judgement to garnish my wages. I was sending them check of $5.00 or $15.00 a month

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What state do you live in?

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I was making payments to the collection agency monthly; however after I was told by a credit agency to specifically tell them which bill I wanted to apply the money to, they sent me a letter stating that they could not honor it. Now my paycheck is being garnished for 1,800.00. Also they are sending me more bills stating that I own something else which is not of the collection sheet that they gave me.

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I have the same question. I have a medical bill for $900.00 I was sending hospital $25 a month they sent to collections and then to an attorney. In the attorney's letter it states they will garnish my wages. I do not work can they garnish my husbands wages?

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Likely not, unless his name is also on the account.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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my dad told me once as long as you were payin something they couldnt do anything. but that is not the case anymore. if they dont get what they want they send it directly to a collector or attorney. They can only garnish you through a court order(meaning you get summoned to court) for your something that is in your name soley. so if they account is in your name only they can only garnish you. but they have to take you to court first.

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