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I need some assistance/advice regarding a phone call I received today. Before the question, I will give a little background about my financial situation. Over the last couple of years due to some unforeseen family medical situation, I have defaulted on some of my credit cards. However, I have contacted most of them and set up payments plans/reduced payments with them. However, today I received a phone call on my cell. The number displayed as ‘UNKNOWN’. I didn’t pick up the phone and let it go to voice mail. Later I checked the voice mail and it stated that it is Alex calling to letting me know that a certain case (it gave a case number) is ready to be discharged and file to my local county office. That this is as per law they are letting me know. It gave me a phone number (8443247434 ext-305) of the litigation office to call. It further stated that if I do not call and they file the case then I will legally forfeit all my rights. They didn’t give me who he is calling for or what the case is about. I googled the number but nothing came up with the phone number. My question is if it is a real call and should call the number to check?

Ignore the call. Sounds like a scam. Don't pay a penny. Just sit and relax. And, no matter what they say, don't pay anything over the phone. Okay.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Thank you very much. I did take the call today. It is one of the loan that i was forced to take. The creditor was 'MYPAYDAYLOAN.COM'. However, soon after I discovered that they were an illegal offshore (Costa Rica) lender, I informed them that I will only pay the remaining principal amount of the loan. But they were unwilling to settle. I tried multiple time and at last just let it go. Apparently, they sold the loan to berkeley and wright CRG. This company is threatening me to sue for defaulting on legal obligations if I don't pay and also to inform my manager at work. However, after I told them that the contract is illegal and not enforceable, they were willing to settle for the remaining of principal balance. However, they want a debit card on file and a third party will process the payment. My question is what should be my approach. I am willing to pay the principal amount, however, what should be the right way to pay them. They said that they will send me a 'paid in full' email 30 days after the completion of the payment.

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bhaskarkahali bhaskarkahali

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Don't give your debit card details. No matter what they tell you. If you really want to pay the principal amount, then pay them by check. And, on moral grounds, you should pay the principal amount asap.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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TRy to repay the principal amount if you can. However, don't disclose your bank details.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Do not reveal your bank details over the phone. Also don't pay a penny more than the principal. As Nick said earlier, pay them by check and ask them to send the "paid in full" email asap.

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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