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So my situation is like this.
I have 200.000 $ in credit card debt, and theres no possible way for me to repay that.
I am not a usa citizen and i do not own any assets here ,so what should i do because i really think of leaving and going back to europe.
I do not own any assets in my home country in Europe .
Should i apply for a bankruptcy before leaving, or should i just leave and thats it ?
I wont be able to come back once i leave usa .
Please advice

There are 2 options.

1. You leave the country quietly and never come back. Your creditors will file a lawsuit in this country and try to track you in Europe.

2. File bankruptcy and discharge your debts. You can file bankruptcy as long as you have the SSN or the Individual Tax Identification Number. Federal laws allow you to file bankruptcy even when you live outside the US.

It is better to file bankruptcy instead of ignoring the debt.

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This world is pretty small, to get tracked!
Wherever you go, you can't run away from yourself!

But here's the tip of the day. Go back to your homeland and never come back!!!.....

Or if you are the good man from heart, then try out debt settlement. Pay whatever you can and leave the country forever just like SC said.

THis site offers a good page for debt settlement. Click here: l

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Phil Bradford Phil Bradford

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Consult with an attorney and file bankruptcy.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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It is better to file for bankruptcy and discharge your credit card debt...

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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If you don't repay the debt or get a discharge and leave the country and there's a lawsuit in your name, next time it may be difficult for you to get a VISA to enter USA.

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