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I have heard of this program, but I would like to know if it really works? Any comments ou there?

YES! Dave Ramsey is THE BEST voice out there. I am a faithful listener of his radio program and watch him on Fox Business channel. He practices what he preaches - he doesn't let you order his program with a credit card - you have to use a debit card or a check. His program is worth every penny.

It's basically just common sense. Sell your extra crap, cut down to basics, start with your smallest bill and add to the payment - minimums on everything else... once you get the first little bill gone, take that payment and add it to the payment of the next one up and so on and so forth. This guy is legitimate and his program isn't a money making scam for him. I looked at that Transforming Debt Into Wealth thing by John somebody... it was a fortune and a total scam. A bunch of money for them to tell me I should pay more than the minimum on my bills - that's pretty much it.. Dave Ramsey is much better - plus between his radio show and the library, you really don't have to buy anything to do it.

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