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Has anyone delt with Debt Consultants of America - Help!!

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Has anyone used or had a good experience with DCA? I joined 5 months ago and to date nothing settled no one has been contacted. I am having second thoughts after losing $3000 so far... Help!

they are not what they appear. they are more interested in having their Ad min fee up front to get your money and once you have gone past due and given them money you will have a hard time getting anyone to return your calls.

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I used to work for DCA, they are a scam. The president of the company is busy sleeping around and spending money while charging outrageous fees!Contact a company that does not take all your fees upfront, there are reputable companies that have early save programs!

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who are they? i've been browsing this site for the past 20 minutes and i can't seem to find a decent recommendation.


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This company is a rip off. Get out as soon as you can. They only take your money. I was a "client" (fool) for 9 months. They collected over $8,000 dollars and charged me almost $6000 in fee and never paid a debt. My credit is now in ruins and Iam settling my debts myself getting any where from $.20-$.50 on a dollar settlement but I will have bad credit for the next 7 years. GET OUT NOW! They are thieves and scam artists. My refund from the company was less than $100 when if should have been $1200.

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[size=18]why wouldn't a debt settlement company want an upfront fee? that makes perfect sense to me...i will admit that if the program is not sold to the consumer in the right manner i could understand why the consumer would be quick to judge but a 10% admin fee that is paid out over the first couple of months while in the program makes since b/c already your giving the company an incentive to get you better settlements..the admin fee usually takes anywhere from 4-8 months and after that you have to be patient and give your account (which is in your name - you have complete control over) time to build up to a certain amount to be able to settle your first account. it all depends on how much the client spent on his credit card account. why should a consumer have to be pressured from the cc companies and be given huge interest rates when the cc companies are getting bailed out anyways. leave it to the certified arbitrators and negotiators to get you the best settlement on your delinquent accounts..this is what they do best - the more they save u, the more they ultimately make. and not answering the phone when creditors harrass you is the best way to stay out of that mess. either that or get an attitude and blow off some steam...let them pay for your bad day!!! america needs to know that DCA is not a scam and ppl's accounts are being settled everyday..they seriously saved millions of dollars for consumers that cc companies would have just eaten up and thrown away...yes your credit will take a negative hit while in the program but if you look at the big picture it shouldn't matter. by the end of the 18-48 month program you WILL be debt free and your credit cards will show that they have been paid...this will ultimately restore your credit!! consumers that complain (like many on this blog) did not stick it out for the whole program...if they would have, and actually understood how the program wored, they could have saved thousands. instead they stuck w/ it through the 10% admin fee and quit soon after it was paid off...just like the "guest" from Orlando you see above...if he/she would've stayed in the program the whole length, her account would have built up to be able to start settlements and one by one, her creditors would disappear. instead she went through the typical 4-8 month admin stage and quit her 9th month - that right there is ignorant my friends...if you start something you need to finish and stick w/ it until it's complete. the program is a hardship program anyways and they only sign ppl up who r really having difficult times paying off there unsecured makes perfect sense and these people really show sympathy toward there clients..the program truly works and it just makes me sad that all of these complaints are from clients who quit the program half way through, or right after, the admin stage..that's the dumbest thing to do!! they really could have helped you guys...DCA is truly one of the few ligit debt settlement companies in the business and w/in the next year, thanks to the FTC, you will all know this..thank goodness that the FTC is finally taking the iniative and time to weed out the scam companies and i am 100% sure that DCA will still be standing tall and proud and will truly be helping people!!!

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the post by Holly_m appears to be a currently employee or the company lawyer. i would like to hear from actual clients.

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Most lawyers know how to spell and use proper grammar. :lol:

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did you use the search box and type in the name for other posts? im pretty sure there are other posts about them here that should be able to give you a informed decision.

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love_my_things love_my_things

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scam cam scam owner cares about money nothing else

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was contacted by them can't find the web site they told me to go to,does anyone know of a repected and honest debt consultant
kim thanks

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