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Could someone pm me who has had experience dealing with a "lawyer" in Texas by the name of Frederick D. Kelly. I have seen some information on this site on him and I know he has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB (I can understand that one!!) but I need to have contact with someone who has had dealings with him and what the outcome has been.

By the way, this site is GREAT!!

Hi..What sort of an attorney is Frederick Kelly?

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volleyballmom volleyballmom

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i have been harrassed as you can say by this company for about 3-4 years now. the first time i recall i was told by a guy who said his name was blake that i was a lady and i could get money any way i wanted. i too took out a $300 loan and they sent me a letter stating i owed like $2800 well i refused to pay until recently. i didnt disagree that i owed the loan amount but i couldnt find my paperwork so while on my honeymoon i was called on my cell phone from a worker there. they offered me to pay $400 for 3 months and we would call it paid in full. not to mention i did pay the $300 earlier. i then was told i would have to pay $372 to actually pay account off, i held off for about a month but eventually paid because i was tired of dealing with them, that was in may. i still have not received any paperwork stating i have paid, but i am getting an attorney to get my money back especially after reading these reports. i am physically sick after hearing all this, i always felt like there was something not legit about this.

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Frederick D. Kelly has several complaints on Apparently this scum bag has no problem violating the fdcpa.

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