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Defaulted on loan from 2015-2016 of $300

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I took a small payday loan out at an Oregon ACE in the 2015-2016 timeframe. There are ACEs in my area of WA but they were included in a bankruptcy back in 2014 and would not allow me to reloan without paying the $700 plus interest and penalties even though they did not attend my 431 hearing and my case was discharged in full as of Feb 2015.

Started receiving calls from debt collector CDR in 2016 never talked to them called several times with a case number this year 1 of those times they claimed to be the IRS but used the same case number..... Fast forward to today received a call from a Private Number who gave me a number to call 8552035824 (wished me good luck) and it's a company called Global that has me verify my info and they have my address completely WRONG but say this is you because the SSN and DOB match? My address is on the check that I gave ACE when I loaned and they failed to get my mailing address right.....?

They threatened a lawsuit for defrauding a loan agency/bank and some other thing that I forgot now. Global states I have been sent paperwork regarding the debt and that it is valid, I replied if you are a debt collector you are obligated to send me correspondence via mail of the alleged debt and they reply that they are not obligated that the collection and loan agency have sent me the documents already.....

I said cool send me to court and to the locating service (private number that called) you won't get anywhere with the address on file.... I gave them the correct address and they said that was the wrong address.... I went on to tell 3 different women that the incorrect address may be the reason I have NEVER received anything more than phone calls from CDR and they said I should have updated ACE when I moved? I have not moved in 4 years how am I supposed to update someone that I have no clue is looking for me?

I should add that there are no more ACE locations in WA state as of this posting.

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So called ACE they said debt was incurred in July 2017, last loan was 2015-2016. She stated that GLOBAL is VERY aggressive and that they (debt collectors) CANNOT threaten you with legal action and that I should file an FTC and FDCPA grievance against them. She stated that since the last loan was in fact 2015-2016 she would send dispute paperwork, via email. I informed her I had an outstanding loan from 2015-2016 for the same amount and she stated that the dates MUST match or the debt would likely be considered invalid. I was also told by ACE that my debt was sold to Debt Management Partners (DMP) so I gave them a call the lady was VERY courteous and helpful she verified that the address on file was in fact WRONG as she could see the check and the claim file and said WTF? She stated that CDR was a group they used to work with and I stated that I have NEVER received any documents via post about this alleged debt and they companies this far have REFUSED to send such documents because "I was giving them the wrong address on purpose." She said she could send me a copy of the file via email and I said yes please. She stated that the debt is now with Capital Management Holdings (CMH) whom I called and no response.

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Twig Twig

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It's a total scam. You shouldn't pay a penny to them. Don't be bothered. Jut ignore them.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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It is completely a scam. Ignore the calls.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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