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If you have done debt settlement recently, could you please share your company? I really want to do this but my husband wants to ride it out using 401K money---we got a loan check today. A few weeks ago, I shared which companies we "might" use. But I would love to hear from those who are actually in process. The more recent, the better.


Have you and your husband thought about settling your own debt? Since you have money to negotiate with, why give it away to a debt settlement company?

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thought about it but am afraid about being sued. We have lots of cc debt to settle------our 401K loan won't cover it. So we're still talking 2 years to complete the process. I am thinking having lawyers on our side would be helpful.

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Kristin, i am still looking around also and I have about decided also that lawyers are going to be the only way for us, even in settlement. Today I was actually trying to talk myself out of settlement and doing BK chpt 13. Because they both stay on your credit for 7 years and they both mess up your credit. And I think I would have lower payments doing BK as opposed to settlement. My excess income every month is very low. BUT either way an appointment is going to be made pretty soon with an attorney.
There has been a lady on here that says Superior helped her and she lived in GA when she started on their program. And they told me they had lawyers in GA.
Hope you can give me some more information also about your situation. [/img]

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hi guest,
I really want to settle but like I've said before, my husband isn't on board yet. he wants to try a dmp first (which I guess makes sense). But I'm afraid we'll run through our 401K money trying to make ends meet. I just paid my amex tonight to bring it current before putting in my dmp. That was 3K that I could have used toward settlement. It made me sick to do it. However, we need harmony at home too. :-)

Our debt is really high----130K. We both have good jobs so can make ends meet----barely. We're adding a second job sometime soon (Army). If my husband deploys as scheduled in a few months, we'll have additional pay. It's just a matter of staying afloat until then.

I just read our local paper tonight and saw two friends houses listed for foreclosure. I know lots of people on this site are in the boat. When I think of "the big picture", being late on CC's is not a big deal. We have a friend going through a major medical crisis. It has affected his job since he is a pilot. As my husband says, we have a math problem not a life problem. I wish I could be as confident but some days I'm not!

Honestly, I would rather trash our credit rating and be able to live debt free in three years then to deal with paying cc bills for an infinite amount of time. However, we will be paying more than the minimum each month so maybe it will all end eventually.

A new house, loss in income, and two international adoptions helped to create our high bills. I can't really complain because it was all for good reasons.'s still hard to cope with. And we have one heading for college next year. Thank heavens for the HOPE!!

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So in the dmp your payments will be lower? Now are you going to have to pay back the 401K or taxes on it? I have no money saved or access to any money so that's not an option for me. I am with you. Settlement seems to be the way. We'll just have to so it with a lawyer it seems. I am now 10 days away from being 30 days late on one of my credit cards but I haven't saved anything towards them. They call every day and I just don't answer right now. They upped my interest rate and more than doubled my minimum payment after I was 2 days late in July. I called them back then to try and make this not happen and they refused to help. I have applied at their website for hardship and they still refuse to help. So I will wait until they decide to help me. So good luck to you and please keep us posted on your situation.

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