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I rec'd a charge off from a credit card. I rec'd the charge off form of like 800.00 and now this year they are reporting on my credit report that it was charged off for 1200.00 while i have the form they sent as a charge off of 800.00. I disputed this with the credit agency and the agency stated that the credit card was right. I have a piece of paper saying that they charged it off for less. I haven't paid it as I cannot find my actual statement before it was charged off to see what I really owe.
What do I do?

The creditor has the right to charge late fees, penalties and interest. However if you can save your money and work out some sort of reasonable offer with them you can settle with them for around 40%-50 % of what you owe.

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[font=Georgia][/font]The form I rec'd was a form 1099-C Cancellation of Debt. The debt was canceled on 10/28/06 in the amount of 873.54. On my credit report they are now saying charge off of 1129.00. That is false if going by the form 1099-c. Does it matter? Or am I responsible for the 873.54 and can maybe lower the amount?

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