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Word has it that FDRS doesn't really have a network of lawyers, instead he is frantically trying to find lawyers through NACA to take his Hey FDRS you shouldn't lie to your customers!

This FDRS group sounds like a bunch of pikers who shakedown their customers for 22% of their outstanding debt, throws a few dispute letters around and then doesn't have the lawyers they promised!

That would not surprise me . Except for one problem. Their fees are actually 30 % of their outstanding debt . Plus a monthly maintenance fee of $25 dollars a month. I have read their ridiculous contracts.

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For those who are considering FDRS I would also like to introduce you to a program that I am starting called UGRS (United Grocery Relief Service). How it works is, few people know but the grocery stores are corrupt and Americans don????????t have to pay for groceries or necessary provisions. How UGRS works: Just wire $1,000.00 from your bank account to UGRS and immediately after when you go to the grocery store; get what you need and just walk out without paying. If you are questioned just tell them to call UGRSs???????? toll free recording. If you are arrested or sent to jail just go along as this is part of our program. If you don????????t go along then the program may not work.

So if you are someone who is seriously considering FDRS then I think UGRS is for you!

Restoring America????????s Rights to Freeload

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