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Can multiple debtors take multiple garnishments out of my paycheck? I'm already receiving one garnishment for my student loan. I've had two more notices of garnishment from creditors and I've got a second student loan that's just gone into default and will be filing for garnishment as well. I simply don't have any money to pay these bills. My husband is out of work & I barely make enough to pay for the essentials.

Instead of letting the student loan default and garnish you, consolidate it with the Direct Loan Program under the either the Income Contingent or Income Based repayment plan. You can then apply for hardship deferment. Talk to whoever is garnishing you now and ask them if they will lift the garnishment to allow you to consolidate.

Idaho allows 25% garnishment. Since you are being garnished 15% a second garnishment will allow another 10%. You may also want to look into filing bankrutpcy on your debts. FYI...student loans cannot be included in a bankrutpcy.

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