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I have 1 CC account that is about maybe 10 days late. Last month I was 2 days late and my interest rate went from 2.99 to 24.99, minimum payment went from 109 to 254. I can't make it. I have been to their website to apply for hardship, with no avail. I have e-mailed their collections department about it and have received no reply. Now my phone is ringing off the hook. I guess I will have to answer it sooner it later but right now I am wanting to send some sort of letter to them. Can some one suggest a letter?

what company is it?

Sub: #1 posted on Sun, 08/31/2008 - 06:50

lmale lmale

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You will probably have to let the card go more than 30 days late then you will need to call the card company and ask the rep if they can get you to a manager or hardship dept. Many cards will be able to put you on a fixed program with reduced rates, but they won't do anything until you are late. Sometimes the program will cancel the card, but getting rid of the debt should be your first concern.

Please post a reply of the card you are dealing with so someone can post what to expect from them.

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Bman90278 Bman90278

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Advanta is the card

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Advanta was a tough one for me. My Advanta account was a business account, and even though they had my correct contact information and called me constantly, their collections department called my elderly parents as well, over and over again, who I haven't lived with for over 25 years, simply for the purpose of harassment. They also told me that because it was a business account, the regular rules did not apply and they did not have to abide by cease and desist letters and could do whatever they wanted to collect on the account. My parents starting recording their calls, and told them they were doing so, and they stopped calling them! I have since been able to settle the account, and it was a great settlement offer on their part, but so far the Advanta has been the most aggravating. It took me eight months to clear them up, but the settlement company I am with couldn't do anything sooner because of some great settlement offers we received on other accounts that had to be grabbed. It's hard to juggle several accounts at once, when they are all in settlement at the same time, but well worth the end result if you are tough enough to withstand the process. I will also say this about Advanta, even though I did not like the calls to my parents: When I first realized I was in deep, deep crap and could not pay my bills once the business had closed, they were the ONLY credit card company I contacted (out of about nine) that graciously agreed to lower my interest rate while my cards were all sill current. Most of them have to go way overdue before they will offer "deals", which is what appeared to be true at least in my case.

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Well I think tomorrow I will answer the phone. I am checking my e-mail constantly because I have e-mailed them and explained my situation to their collection department. I just don't have the money. Right now I don't even have a partial payment, other things are more important right now, like insurance premiums. What kind of call should I expect? Rude?

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Oh yeah, they are great at that! Go ahead and pick up, tell them your situation. They will note it in the account and call back in a few days like your situation is suppose to change overnight or something. If anything it will buy you some time until you get an email back or see if your situation changes. After some time they will see you can't pay and will offer some kind of help. It may take some time but they should come around.

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girlndebt girlndebt

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Advanta was one of our only creditors that called EVERY single day. No matter how many times I talked to them and explained our situation, they would still call back the very next day. I finally got to where I would pick up the phone, and as soon as they said who they were, I would hang up on them. At least then, they wouldn't call back until the next day, and I didn't have to listen to the phone ringing all day long.

They were also our only creditor that basically sent us a threat even after we filed BK, that if they didn't hear from our attorney within 14 days, then the calls would resume. And all of this was for a balance that was under $2000.

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alias1958 alias1958

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It really does come in handy to have caller ID, also.

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OP's rate was already 2.99%. I doubt they would offer anything better on hardship.

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Well they wouldn't give it back to me when I called last month, so maybe after a few days late they might. Today someone finally left me a message saying he got my e-mail and wants to talk about my situation. I am not sure what to tell him but that I do not have the money and I MIGHT have to money next week or 2 to pay some. Not sure what I can say that will make a difference.

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