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What does HSBC RS stand for on a credit report?

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what does HSBC RS stand for on a credit report

HSBC issues cards for these companies Best Buy, Bon-Ton, CompUSA, Costco, Helzberg Diamonds, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Sony, Yamaha and so on.

I also found this bite after a search

Their financing is actually done by Household Retail Services aka Household Credit Services, a subsidiary of HSBC . This HSBC entity is actually HSBC/RS, which is run by HSBC Finance Corporation located in Illinois. The corporate telephone number is 847-564-5000.

HSBC/RS stands for HSBC Bank, retail services division. Formerly known as troubled and disgraced predatory lender Household International, the company was purchased by HSBC bank in October 2002 and the purchased was finalized in early 2003. HSBC is headquartered in London but is actually the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation.

After being sued for predatory mortgage lending and attacting the attention of regulators across the nation, Household International turned to credit card processing as a source of revenue. Retail Services handles private label credit card accounts for over 60 merchants.

I would google/yahoo search this keyword in quotes and see all the hits you get "HSBC RS"

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I wanan know the meaning or the shortcut of hsbc rs

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About one month to 6 wks ago, I asked you to unsubscribe me to your service. Please reimburse the 45.00 charge I see on this week's bank statement. I thank you. My email is . I am using a public computer at this time.

Ps I am not happy.


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Cindy, who are you trying to reach - HSBC RS? We are a forum dedicated to helping people in debt . If you tell us who you are trying to get maybe we can help. We have never taken any money from you.

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kashzan kashzan

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I think guests get us confused with a site with a similar name that charges for some service.

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Frogpatch Frogpatch
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I had often wondered what hsbc rs stood for on a credit report.
Its clear now :)

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HSBC is very difficult to deal with. We have a loan on a suzuki 4 wheeler and they will not deal with us at all. Then they turned us over to corporate receivables collections and they were even worse. We told them repeatedly that we were with a debt settlement place and gave them the contact number, but they continued to bully and harass us. They were even harassing my supervisor. That was embarassing. I am not disputing my debt, just trying to get it settled the best way possible. And harassing me and calling my supervisor is not going to make me pay up "in full" any faster. I had 50% of what i owed, tried to settle the account for that, but they were not willing to negotiate. We even explained that we were with a debt settlement place, we had 2 accounts already in legal action, and we had xxx amount of money to settle this right not. If they did not accept that then they too were going to be turned over to our debt settlement place. Still did not work. So we turned them over and deposited that money in our account and are already starting negotiaions on A DIFFERENT account. See, they could have been done with us. We even tried to give the 4 wheeler back to wipe out the account -- no go. HSBC RS still on.

difficult to deal with!!!!!!! check out all the post about corporate receivables -- which seems to be their collection agency of choice.

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I had a credit card ( $300.00 limit) through HSBC. THAT was a mistake!!!!! Fees, monthly payments were going up, etc. If I din't understand a charge that was on my bill, I would call the Customer Service to remove HSBC RS. They were difficult to deal with. By the time I ACTUALLY got a chance to speak to someone, instead of a recording, HSBC "cancelled the card and the entire amount was due. God..........they just won't listen. I recently tried to call again. According to CS, I "no longer have an account with them." How am I suppose to take care of this if they CLAIM I have no record of this?

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sdchargers_63 sdchargers_63

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I have an "open" credit card account with you on my credit report. I haven't used that account in years; I no longer even possess the credit card. Please "close" my account. I want HSBC RS removed from my CR. Thank you.

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Thomas you need to contact HSBC to remove HSBC RS from your credit report.

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