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What does HSBC RS stand for on a credit report?

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what does HSBC RS stand for on a credit report

Mad, you need to check your credit report. Check as to who now holds the account. If it is still with corporater receivables, request HSBC to pull back the account from them. If HSBC agrees to pull back the account, get the agreement in writing. Then only make payments to HSBC. Else, after you make payments to HSBC, they may refuse to acknowledge your payments. However, before making the payments check your credit report for the account updation. Only after the account get transferred to the original creditor, can you make the payments.

what does HSBC RS stand for on a credit report

HSBC RS stands for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Retail Store. If you had any retail store card with HSBC, this can show up on your credit report. However, if you do not have any such card or account, you can send in a debt validation letter to them.

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I have never had any HSBC account. But a ring of about 75 females age 30-55 on the East Coast got my social and have been applying for accounts in different names vaguely like mine. (I am a 75 year old male in Colorado). I am trying to get all these hits off my credit record but HSBC/RS is about the worst. These women (no sexism intended) actually got $1575 out of Macy's, $1,000 out of Express (women's clothing I believe) and a $500 gift card at New York and company. Also $835 of merchandise from Kohl's (who will not even give me the name that was used with my "social." The best thing to do (if your state provides it) is to put a freeze on Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. (Must be done 1 by 1).

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
HSBC Retail Service (HSBC RS)
90 Christiana Road,
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 327-2000
-bazil of

Any words of advice for how one can compell HSBC to report an acct that was closed 6 yrs ago as closed? It's still showing up on my credit report as a $25,000 line of open credit (for a furniture store that went out of business 5 yrs ago).

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What is the meaning for mode of Application

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HSBC/RS is on my credit report as an open revolving account. Yet, I don't have a card. The balance is zero and it's opened. Should I call them and ask them to close it? My credit is not very good at this moment. :(

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It is Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation:p

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Bank transfer available for all usa and uk banks pm me if u need....

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lomeme lomeme

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Perhaps, and bare with me here this is just an idea, you should not be leading a lifestyle that forces you to "negotiate" your way out of debt. You are sitting here bashing a company that lent you money and you are sitting here complaining about the fact that they did not want to accept half the money you owed as a settlement to the debt?! Seriously? You were completely to err and the irresponsible jerk that makes prices go up for the rest of us. YOU are the reason credit card rates are so high, YOU are the reason mortgage rates are so high! People like you are no better than the greedy corporate scum you deal with and I think you deserve each other!

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Even closed, they will continue to report for 10 years.

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thank you for the info

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