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Okay if one spouse does debt settlement because they are "insolvent" how does that work if you get the c1099 or whatever it is from the CC company? If the couple files taxes together, can one be insolvent if together they may not be? Does the form for that include both people's income or just the one who is doing DS? I hope that makes sense.

Guest, have you talked with a tax person. They will be able to give the answers you seek, being they do taxes and will understand your situation a bit better. Or if you go to the website you can also email your questions to them if you wish not to be on hold forever (lol). Been there so I know.

Good Luck

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mel-ben mel-ben

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That's a good question. I also would advise talking to a tax person. You can also look at Publication 4681 at (the insolvency part starts on page 4). I'm not sure if your question is addressed in there or not.

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alias1958 alias1958

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