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Can a credit card company come after me after settling the debt?

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I did a credit card settlement in 2014 and now they are coming after the interest that wasn't paid after they signed the settlement. Can they collect on this?

Do you have the written agreement with the collection agency saying that the amount being paid is considered "payment in full"? If yes, they can't charge anything to you.

Sub: #1 posted on Wed, 03/22/2017 - 06:51

Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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Don't make any payment whatsoever. Instead, send them a cease and desist letter to stop contacting your for collections. If they persist even after that, then sue them for FDCPA violation.

Sub: #2 posted on Thu, 03/23/2017 - 04:57

paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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Yes, absolutely. Don't make any further payments.

Sub: #3 posted on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 04:05

Good Nelly Good Nelly
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