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A couple of months ago I received a letter from one of my debt collectors. I opened up this credit card years ago from a furniture company (who is now closed and bankrupt). So anyway I believe this letter was from Jefferson Capital Systems...basically all it said was that if i paid 3 minimum payments of $113 i'd "qualify" to transfer the balance i owe onto a credit card with zero interest AND they'd give me a special credit offer. I thought it was a GREAT offer being that i wasn't able to afford to pay the whole amount off right away i signed up for it....i got my first statement to pay the first of the three "payments to qualify" but now i'm feeling iffy about the whole thing...and think it might be a scam... I've tried doing some research on the company but can't really find anything on it... I would really like to pay off my debt, but i can't afford to pay all at once, i don't qualify for a loan my credit is awful because of past mistakes! what do i do now? has anyone heard of the "fresh start solution program" that Jefferson Capital Systems offer?

I have not heard of any programs like this, be very careful who you give your money to, not all companies have good intentions, you will find that some get into this industry and prey on those with bad credit. Have you checked them out with the better business bureau, you can google the bbb and search for the company on there, you can then access what other customers have to say about them. goodluck hope all gets straight for you soon.

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erb1955 erb1955

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Run for your life!

This is a scam. Five bucks says the original debt is outside the statute of limitations, or damn close. By taking that offer, you re-start the SoL, in addition to paying more fees, more interest, etc.... And make no mistake, if you default on this, you will be sued.

Watch the documentary 'Maxed Out'. There is some good information in there about this type of thing.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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it's ligit..i don't know if you looked yet but it is in the site...

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A little late with that Katlin. This thread is from March.

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I agree with Wulf. Jefferson Capital System might be a legal company listed with the BBB but that doesn't mean they aren't trying to bone you. That is a collection tactic they are trying to use on you.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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but DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THE LETTER SAYS. i thought it was great when i got the letter, but here i am at almost 1am freaking out because they were supposed to take 28 dollars out of my account and they took $125 in 5 back to back debits of $25. which in end overdrew my account. now they've given me quite a large headache.

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Katlin,the BBB just lists the company,says it's not certified,which means....WATCH OUT!
I got one of those letters too and they keep calling me to make sure I get my money in on time.
But after reading their reports...I'm trashing the letter!!

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Look out folks....Jefferson Capital Systems is a collecting agency, owned by another company called CompuCredit. I contact the offices in St. Cloud MN (area code 320) on 04/02/2010 and spoke with a representative that stated they had my old Aspire Visa card account, and had contracted to a company called Riddle & Wood Attys in Doral Florida. So now I have two companies trying to collect on the same account. All I can say is do you research, and contact Jefferson Capital Systems directly in MN and start asking them questions. YOU are the consumer, THEY want your money, and THEY cant get your money unless YOU cooperate. It took me all morning to find out the truth about my account that had been placed in collection with these scumbags, but it has paid off, and now they are cooperating before I prosecute them in a court of law in Virginia. Beware! If you have any questions about Jefferson Capital Systems, I would send them a CERTIFIED letter via the USPS, and ask them to validate your debt with them within 30 days! Take it from a Marine folks, you have to play hardball and nasty with these people, because all they want is your money, and these people are also not REAL attorneys, they are just poor lowly people with no self-esteem that can't hold a job anywhere else. Like I said, scumbags! Happy Easter! JB :-)

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I have been playing hard ball with these jerks, they are trying to make me pay for a old phone bill though i have paid off most of it they are still saying i owe allot and i am half tempted to call AT&T west and find out what the deal is. Because i know i am getting screwed some where.

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Long story short - my story is linked to Tribute credit card...aka Aspire. When they took my credit away for no apparent reason I decided I would not pay them...for no apparent reason.

Seriously...I almost always paid hundreds on my bill monthly, usually paying off a charge the same day I made it, and rarely paid the minimum. Further, I was late only twice and only by a couple of days due to pure oversight.

They put me through hell with their devious phone calls, utilizing several different phone which I simply added to my contact list as "Idiots 1", "Idiots 2", etc. and gave them a silent ring tone. Nothing seemed to work with them. I messed with their heads as much as they messed with mine but finally, after about a year, the phone calls stopped.

However, recently, I got the same offer from Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC, aka The Fresh Start Solution that is the focus of this thread.

I checked them out online to see what others were saying and when I read this forum I thought it was time to check with the BBB and check their latest report on JCS.

"REVOKED"...stamped across their company emblem like a canceled check. I got a good chuckle out of that.

While I do not deny I owe Tribute their money...I told them simply that they were no longer on the top of my priority list and I would pay them when I get a settlement offer.


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