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In a debt settlement co FINACIRA who has done nothing for me I have 3 judgments against me and have to go to court in Feb I have paid them over 2500 they wont give me my money back Any ideas?

I would file complaints ( the BBB, your state AG). Have they paid on any of your accounts? Or is the money you have paid them for their fee. One thing you MUST do before signing up with ANY company is to check them out. Go to the BBB web site and see if they have any complaints against them and how well the company tried to resolve them. Also you can contact your state to see if they are licensed to do business in your state and you can also ask them to see if they have any complaints against this company. I wish I had better news for you. But I am sure that some one else will be along shortly to give you a better answer.

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puddlejmpr puddlejmpr
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I don't think for-profit debt settlement companies can operate in Kansas. You definitely should contact the state AG.

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FreakyFriday FreakyFriday

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I have been doing business with a company in Arizona. I was just informed by them that they can can no longer handle my debt issues by the state of Kansas. . I thought they were doing a good job but I am one to trust. I want to know if there are any companies that are approved by the state of Kansas that can handle my debt problems? Can you supply me with a number to call whoever you think might be able to help me. Please just make sure that they are approved by the BBB, because I will check.
Thanks so much !


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debt settlement is banned in Kansas. The only companies that can legally provide debt settlement services in Kansas are law firms that are licensed to practice law in Kansas. The only Law Firm I know of that works in that state is the Johnson Group which is a network of attorneys. They are not members of the BBB but they do have a satisfactory rating. If you don`t want to go with them you may want to look in your phone book for local attorney that offers debt settlement services.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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Please contact the Office of the State Bank Commissioner for information on legally registered debt settlement and debt management companies in Kansas. Ask for me at 1-877-387-8523.

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I'm confused. Debt settlement is illegal in Kansas? Does that mean if I live in Kansas, settling on my own is illegal, too?

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butterfly butterfly

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You can always settle your debt on your own no matter what state you live in. Its just that due to a few bad apples the state legislation banned debt settlement companies from providing their services in your state.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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Technically settlement companies are not banned in Kansas. If you do not meet the exemptions defined by:
Section 50-1116
And further are found to fit the definition of:
Section 50-1117
You would have to be in compliance all the way through section 50-1135
This has the effect of banning industry participants unless they follow the rules. When following the rules you cannot charge enough to justify being in that market. This is why virtually all of them stay out of Kansas.

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Basically the only debt relief agencies that can basically operate there are non-profit companies due to the limit of fees that can be charged. Yes technically if a settlement company wanted to lose money and work for practically nothing so they could go out of business they could offer their services. So like I said the only companies that can operate legally and stay in business is a law firm.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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I know of only 2 resources that do just that. They are available in all states as a result of the business model they have. They are more of a grass roots effrort but they do tend to blow doors on virtually every player in the industry from both a fee and performance angle.
As you suggested-you have to be consumer-centric, not profit-centric. This applies to over 20 states at this time.

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