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this may be a dumb question but I"m going to ask anyway. If I know I cannot make the full cc payment, should I send in something anyway just to appease the company? Would that make them more willing to work with me in a hardship case? Any thoughts, ideas??

I would think that would be a good idea that way they know that you are serious about paying but can't pay the full amount right now.

The way I look at is this way at least you are trying and that will account for something.

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ladybug ladybug

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I tried to get our credit card companies to accept a lesser payment that we could afford. Every one of them (19) said that the payments that we could make were not enough. If you can make minimum payments of whatever they offer on their hardship programs, then they will not consider your account to be delinquent. Otherwise, if you can't pay the minimums, your account is still delinquent, and they don't really care that you made a partial payment.

However, if you continue to make partial payments, then you can slow down your aging. For example, if it takes you 90 days to make your minimum payment for one month, then you would really only be 60 days behind at that point--not 90 days.

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