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Do I have to pay more if I approach a law firm to settle my debts?

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One of my friends has suggested to take help of a law firm to consolidate and settle debts. But, will I have to pay more if I take help from them instead of a settlement company?

Law firm is better since they have an attorney hub. Attorneys know the industry rules and policies very well. They know the various facets of debt collection laws, which is a great thing. Attorney have excellent negotiation skills. So they can give you better settlement deals. If a debt collector files a lawsuit against you, the attorney can help to settle debt out of court. But before you hire a law firm, make sure you check the following things:

  • The fee structure

  • Accreditation

  • Client testimonials

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Taking help from a law firm to consolidate or settle debts is good, but make sure you choose an authentic law firm. There are many companies that are claiming as attorney firm with a group of people who are playing the role of attorneys. So, check before or read reviews of the law firm before signing any contract. If you get connected with a fraud law firm, you may lose your hard earned money instead of getting rid of your debts.

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About your primary concern, you check out the reviews and compare the T&C along with the services offered, and select a good one to work with. Law firms are usually more efficient to deal with these things.

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It is always better to consult with a law firm for settling your debts. In a law firm you can consult with attorneys who know the industry rules and regulations, aware of the debt laws, and can suggest you the best repayment plan. They can even help you to handle debt collection calls and lawsuit filed against you. But don't forget to verify the authenticity of the law firm, check BBB rating and online reviews of that law firm asap before sining up.

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