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:cry: Hi, my name is Veronica and my mother is in debt so deep I don't know if she'll ever get out of it. She's paid off her credit cards twice but got right back in the hole with them. I do not know the exact amount of her debt but I'm assuming it's around $50,000 and so far every debt consolidator she has talked to has said she needs to have good credit to qualify which I don't get for the life of me because if she had good credit she wouldn't need her debt consolidated in the first place. My question is, does anyone know of any debt consolidators who don't look at credit rating when determining whether or not they can help you.
I also talked to her about filing for bankruptcy but unfortunately she wouldn't be able to pay the lawyers fees and is afraid she wouldn't qualify for that either. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I cannot stand to see my mom so stressed out because of this situation even though it is her own fault she's in this mess.

Hello Veronica,

Hang in there, a moderator will be along shortly to move your thread to the proper forum. I think it will get more attention that way :P

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