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Can I leave a settlement program midway and repay the remaining debts in full?

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I had taken help of a debt settlement program and paid off a porion of my debts. But, my financial condition has improved and now I can repay the remainign debts in full. What to do. Can I leave the program midway? What will be the consequences? Will it be helpful if I pay remaining debts in full?

You can leave the program and pay off the debt in full. That won't be any problem because creditors always love to get the full payment. Once you leave the settlement program midway, the debt settlement company won't negotiate on your behalf. It's always good to pay off debts in full. It makes a good impression on the creditors.

Sub: #1 posted on Mon, 04/22/2019 - 02:32

Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Yes, you can leave the program. The debt settlement company will not create problem, They will stop negotiating with the creditors once you dismiss the deal.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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